Laboratory analysis and efficient transport management


Material checks

Forsteel always meticulously checks the incoming material thanks to an internal laboratory equipped with cutting-edge tools and technologies which meet every need for the trading of ferroalloys and coals.

The careful analysis of the chemical and physical characteristics of the materials is aimed at guaranteeing products of the highest quality for all the customers. The study of materials allows us, indeed, to properly store each product in order to guarantee the accurate delivery of ferroalloys and coals in the shortest possible time and according to every need of our customers.

Forsteel has its own cutting-edge laboratory instruments, suitable for carrying out all the analyses necessary to guarantee high quality standards of its products. The laboratory has various types of jaw crushers and ring mills, capable of crushing even the hardest ferroalloys.

The XRF and ICP-OES tools are supplied and periodically verified by leading worldwide suppliers and operate according to the ASTM regulations. They allow us to get proper analyses on any type of ferroalloy, guaranteeing excellent results even at the level of micro impurities (ppm).

The brands recognised worldwide in the metallurgical and non-metallurgical sector are the following:

  • Retsch
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Perkin Elmer
  • Verder Scientific


Management and transport of ferroalloys and coals.

The management, the organisation, and the planning of transport by truck, by train, and by ship allow us to offer the best service and guarantee efficient, controlled and always on time deliveries.
The logistics department is one of our strengths, thanks to the services of:


warehouse management, organisation and planning of incoming and outcoming trucks;


organisation of the deliveries of material to our customers, by tipping trucks for bulk material, tautliner truck for material in big bags, intermodal transport (truck and train). We have several contacts with different transport companies throughout Europe and this allows us to have a large number of partners and to deliver the material to our customers in the shortest time;


organisation of transport for the purchased material, monitoring of transport by ship from all over the world, check of the documents, arrivals in the main Italian and European ports and transport planning from ports to our warehouses.